All Risk car insurance

Get BSure All Risk Car Insurance for ultimate peace of mind every time you drive your car!

All Risk insurance, also known as "Casco" insurance, is usually the best choice for cars that are less than five years old. This type of insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your car, including damage caused by incidents where you are at fault, as well as third-party, fire and theft protection.

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So, what does All Risk cover?

The BSure All Risk Car Insurance comprises coverage for damages caused by your car and for which you are responsible. This includes:

Damage caused by your car to third parties
Damage to your car caused by third parties
Injury to the driver of your car
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Other coverages include:

Damage as a result of fire or explosion or natural disaster
A broken window or windshield
Damage to your car while it was parked

3 years of new-for-old replacement coverage with BSure!

Our All Risk coverage comes with 3 years of new-for-old replacement coverage, which means that in the event of a total loss or theft of your car within the first three years of ownership, you will be eligible for a brand new replacement vehicle.

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Download our policy conditions

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Frequently asked questions

I bought a new car. How can I inform BSure?

You can send us the details of your new car by filling out the contact form on our website.

Can I use my claim-free years for a second (family) car?

The claim-free years you saved only apply to your first car and are not valid for the insurance of your second car.

How can I apply for an insurance?

You can apply for a house or contents insurance online. You will hear from our staff whether your application has been approved or if the application will first be reviewed by a BSure consultant. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Do you still have questions?

We would love to hear from you. You can always reach us through the channels below:

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